Survey Authorization Form

1By checking this box, I authorize Echelon Title Services, LLC to order a survey (and flood elevation certificate if applicable) at a cost not to exceed $500.00 on my behalf for the referenced property and agree as follows: Echelon Title Services, LLC does not guarantee delivery of the survey within any contractual timeframe, and I must independently monitor my rights under the contract to have a survey of the property performed. Echelon Title Services, LLC is not responsible for reviewing the survey on my behalf, making any objections on my behalf under the contract, or advising me on the legal implications of any matters disclosed by the survey. I understand that any encroachments or other matters revealed by the survey will be specified as exceptions to coverage on the owner’s policy of title insurance being issued by Echelon Title Services, LLC in connection with my purchase (if applicable). I acknowledge that If the transaction cancels for whatever reason I agree to pay the surveyor directly and I authorize Echelon Title Services, LLC to pay the surveyor directly from my deposit. I acknowledge that if the surveyor is not paid from my deposit, I am responsible for paying the surveyor directly. I ask that the surveyor please copy me at my email address below when sending the survey to Echelon Title Services, LLC.
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Address of Subject Property: